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kibun no Niwa

"kibun no Niwa" is a tasteful building that is over 100 years old.

Kibun no Niwa is an old, cottage-rental type house, which can accommodate up to six guests
and is located in the Important Cultural Property Preservation District of Takayama.
Because this house secures a complete non-contact with other guests you can enjoy your stay at ease.
Please take advantage of this house for your family trip, graduation trip, work vacation, etc.

Floor plan

Floor plan
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Kibun no Niwa, a sister house of"Kusa no Niwa"and "Ichii no Niwa"has opened in Takayama.

Located in the Houmeitaikumi Preservation Area, Kibun no Niwa is a tasteful building that is over 100 years old.
It is a traditional building in Shimononimachi Oshinmachi, Takayama City.

"Kibun no Niwa" is located on the same street as the Kusakabe Folk Museum and the Yoshijima Heritage House,
both of which are Important Cultural Properties of Japan.
This street was carefully modified by craftsmen as time passed from the Meiji Era to the Showa Era,
which has remained townhouses with craftsmanship, so you can feel the bustling atmosphere of a former merchant town.

The latticework on the windows facing the street in Kibun no Niwa is a characteristic of the Takayama townscape.
From the entranceway, you can enjoy the deep view that only a Japanese row house can offer.
From the wind flowing from the main street into the row houses and the light streaming into the courtyard, you can feel the four seasons in Takayama.

The kitchen and dining room have an earthen floor, allowing you to walk in with shoes on, creating a café-like atmosphere.
Enjoy the dining table with a hearth style.

Because it is a preservation area, fire is not allowed, but you can experience life with a hearth.

In the living room and bedroom with tatami mats, you will find the "box staircase,"
which is rarely seen nowadays, and precious furniture such as " single wooden plate table" and other furnishings.

In the calm atmosphere, the red iron oxide fusuma sliding doors stand out.
The vividness of the sliding doors adds to the prestigious atmosphere.

The household goods that have been carefully cared for up to the present day and have lived together
with the residents through the ages will make your stay in Takayama a memorable one.
They will add color to your stay in Takayama.

Just like Kusa no Niwa and Ichii no Niwa, Kibun no Niwa is a rental-type cottage house,
which limits guests to one group only.
It can accommodate up to six guests.


〒506-0851 1-48 Oshinmachi, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture

  • Car/Taxi

    About 5 minutes by car from JR Takayama Station.
    ※Kibun no Niwa does not have a parking lot.
    Mapcode: 191 226 220*47
  • On foot

    13 minutes walk from JR Takayama Station.
  • Bus

    Please take the "Machinami Bus" at the
    Nohi Bus Center (2) platform next to
    JR Takayama Station.