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Kusa no Niwa Grass Garden

"Kusa no Niwa" (Grass Garden) is a tasteful building that is over 100 years old.

"Kusa no Niwa" (Grass Garden) is a tasteful building that is over 100 years old.
It is a private house built in Hida Takayama during the Meiji era by Mr. Jisuke Kawajiri,
the master who built the Kusakabe Folklore Museum, which is an important cultural property of the country.
(The Kusakabe Folk Crafts Museum is a 4-minute walk)

If you stay here after visiting the Kusakabe Folk Crafts Museum, you will be able to experience more what a traditional Japanese house is.

Proceeding through the Grass Garden approach, you will find a wild grass garden on your right.
When you enter the entrance on your left, you can smell the scent of the Meiji era 100 years ago.
You can admire the garden through the corridor from any room that surrounds the courtyard.
The view from the bathroom of the Japanese cypress, with the windows wide open toward the courtyard, makes you forget about your daily life.
Bathing while looking at the greenery and blue sky of the garden shining in the morning sun as well as at night will make you feel refreshed.

After enjoying shopping at Miyagawa Morning Market (5-minute walk), you can enjoy the view of the Grass Garden and the courtyard as well as the wind passing through the windows while making delicious coffee in the dining kitchen facing the two gardens.

In the bedroom of the Grass Garden, a fusumae (painting on fusuma sliding doors) painted by Mr. Rokusho Shimizu, who was very active during the Meiji era, is displayed. This painting is also displayed in the Taue family (a cultural property designated by Takayama City and a constituent cultural property of Japan Heritage) in Nyukawa-cho. You can see the breathtaking brushstrokes in the painting.

Please enjoy the scenery and culture of the four seasons of Takayama while feeling the warmth of the hands of the master who built the Grass Garden 100 years ago.


〒506-0858 125 Sakuramachi, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture

  • car/taxi

    About 5 minutes by car from JR Takayama Station.
    There are 2 parking spaces on the premises.
    Mapcode: 191 226 262*58
  • on foot

    18 minutes walk from JR Takayama Station.
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  • bus

    Take the counterclockwise "Machinami Bus"
    at the Nohi Bus Center (2) platform next to
    JR Takayama Station,
    get off at the "Sakuramachi" bus stop,
    and walk for 3 minutes (about 15 minutes).