Q & A

How far is the house from Takayama Railway Station?
Each house is about 5 minutes by taxi and 10 to 20 minutes by walk from Takayama Railway Station. Please refer to Access Information for the details.
We will be driving to your house. What is the map code?
Please refer to Access Information for each house.
Can we smoke in the house?
Fire is strictly prohibited in all our houses. Please refrain f rom smoking on the premises (including the garden, courtyard, entrance and parking spaces) spaces). The houses are wooden architecture s and some sliding doors are screened with papers and can be burned easily. In case we find our guests smoking in the house we will ask those to leave immediately and will ask to pay a fine of 30,000 yen up to 100,000 yen. We ask our guests to kindly follow these rules for their own safety as well as our neighbors.
What is your check in and check out time?
The check in time is after 4 PM and the check out time is by 11 AM.
Our cleaning staff will be there a little after 11 AM so we ask you to check out before that.
Will anyone be there when we check in and/or check out?
Our Niwa no Yado accom m odations are all private and unmanned . We provide our guests with the code to the key and ask the guests to enter and leave the house by themselves.
Can we leave our luggage in the house before check in time?
You can leave your luggage at the entrance of the house after 12noon. Be sure not to leave your valuables.
About our security cameras
Please note that w e have a single security camera at the entrance of each house by the instruct ion given by the Public Health Center for security reasons.
How many people can stay at your house?
It depends on the house.
Up to 6 persons can stay at Kusa no Niwa & Kibun no Niwa and 9 persons at Ichii no Niwa
Are there age limits, can children stay at your listings?
There are no age limits for Kusa no Niwa and Kibun no Niwa . As for Ichii no Niwa , since it is a two story house and there are some dangerous sections such as the stairs and the big window on the 2 nd floor, we limit the age to those older than 12 years old.
Can we make a payment at the house?
Since our houses are unmanned accommodations, we only accept advanced payments.
Will there be guests other than us at the house?
All our houses will be privately rented to you so there will be no one else at the house. Enjoy your private time with your family and friends.
Do you have parking lots?
There are parking spaces for 2 cars at Kusa no Niwa.
We do not have parking lots at Ichii no Niwa and Kibun no Niwa. Please park at the toll parking near the house.
Do you have Pajamas and towels?
We do not have pajamas so please bring your own. As for the towels, we have a set of a bath towel and a face towel for each person.
Do you have toothbrushes and shampoo?
As amenities, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hair dryer, etc. are available.
Toothbrushes have been discontinued due to the mandatory reduction of single-use plastic products.
※Some inns that are still in stock are still available.
Also, we do not have lotion or razor, so please bring your own.
Do you have air conditioners?
Yes, we have 2 air conditioners in each house.
We hear that the winter in Takayama is very cold. Do you have heating devices?
Yes, at all Niwa no Yado accommodations, we provide air conditioners (that works as heaters). At Kusa no Niwa , there are kerosene f an heaters and a table with electric heating system to keep you warm during the cold winter.
Do you have a washing machine?
Yes, we have a washing machine in each house. There are clothes hangers and expandable laundry pole to hang the laundries as well.
Do you have beds?
In each Niwa no Yado house, we prepare Japanese style matt ress bed on tatami floor rooms.
Do you have baby cribs?
We are sorry but we do not have baby cribs.
Do you have free WiFi?
Yes, each house has free WiFi system . Refer to information booklets for passwords in each house.
Do you have breakfast services?
We do not have breakfast services but we provide some useful restaurant and food places information with a map at the house.
Do you have any restaurants you recommend near your house?
We have prepared restaurant information with a map at each house. (Information of coffee shops, udon, buck wheat noodles, sushi, steak, supermarkets, etc.)
Can we cook at the house?
Yes, we have a small kitchen at each house. There are a refrigerator, pots and pans, and some dishes.
However, we do not have seasonings and condiments so you will need to purchase them at the nearby convenience stores or supermarkets.
Other facilities
We do not have TV, clocks, nor bright lights at our house. We wish our guests to have the most relaxing time away from the hus tle and bustle of every day life at the quiet and quaint castle town.
When are the Takayama Festivals held?
They are held twice a year. One is on the 14 th and the 15 th of April.
It is called the Sanno Sai, Spring Festival and the other is on the 9 th and the 10 th of October called Sakurayama Hachiman Sai, Autumn Festival.